Are We Really Free Country?

Here is my write up during last Commonwealth games(on facebook). The topic is different and out of my domain but from the depth of my heart.

We really feel proud looking at number of medals our sports person are winning at Commonwealth games. But for me, the word “commonwealth’ is hurting, and this feeling is much stronger than the feeling of proud about gold medals.

I don’t know why India is still a member of association of 53 countries which were once governed by Britishers. Are we really free country? We are democratic country governed by elected government, but are we still under influence of British? We as Indian feel proud of following or influenced by western style in our clothing, technology, education etc. These 53 countries includes Australia, Newzealnad, Canada,S.Africa have 30%of world population, and formal head of Commonwealth is still Quin Elizabeth-II. This shows how strong was the small country England was to rule over one third of population of glob. They were smart enough to replace or influence our 5000 year old civilization in just 350 years.
Purpose of this association is not much different than purpose of SARC. Than why should we be part of Commonwealth countries. Commonwealth word itself gives a hard feeling that we r still wealth of British monarchy.

USA was also ruled by British for years. Why they are not part of Commonwealth? I came to know from sources like Wikipedia that states of America fought bloody war to kick Britishers out and that’s why they were not made part of Commonwealth. Whereas in other countries shifting of power was smoother. How funny!! Doesn’t it mean that Britisher made member of Commonwealth to those country that can be handled by them.USA is still a friend nation of UK but not part of commonwealth. USA has become superpower and stronger than Britain, may be because of their independence by all means.

Isn’t it a time again to be super power? If,yes,than small actions like removing “Commonwealth” tag will be a small yet important step.

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